The Conference Center permits the service of limited alcoholic beverages for guests who book their events on premise.  We have carefully regulated conditions which are administered under the direction of the General Manager of The Conference Center.

The General Manager is accountable for ensuring that the alcoholic beverage use in this facility and various venues on Central Penn campus are appropriate, moderate and respectful of all who do not choose to drink.  To ensure that those expectations, as well as our legal responsibilities, are fulfilled, the following guidelines have been established to govern the practice of serving alcohol at catered events.

1.       All events must be scheduled with the General Manager, who is responsible to ensure that all policies are followed.

2.       Events must be scheduled at the end of the working day on weekday evenings or on weekends.  All events must conclude by 11:00 p.m.

3.       Only beer, wine, champagne and malt beverages may be served.  Spirits may only be served with special permission and prior arrangements with the General Manager.  On occasion, full service bars may be arranged with appropriate notice as well as additional fees.

4.       The sponsor of any group shall furnish The Conference Center a certificate of insurance providing proof of liquor liability coverage in the amount of Two Million Dollars.  ($2,000,000.00). The exception to this rule is events held on premise by Central Penn College.

5.       Guest must purchase and deliver all beer and wine to the General Manager the morning of the event and must pick up any unopened product at the end of the event.  No open bottles will be returned.  One person must be designated in advance to pick up the product.  Please purchase bottled beer and 750 ml wine only.  We do not permit kegs.

6.       No cash bars are permitted.  You may not charge participants monetarily or otherwise for alcoholic beverages, including charging admission price to an event if that admission price in any way includes covering the cost of the alcoholic beverages.

7.       All alcohol service (bartenders) will be provided by staff scheduled by the General Manager and will be certified in proper alcohol service. No self-service bars are permitted.

8.       There will be a service fee of $3.00 per person to cover sodas, glassware, ice, etc.

9.       The Bartender fee is $40.00 per hour

10.   Bars may not be open longer than a total of 5 hours.

11.   All events must be designed primarily for adults of legal drinking age.  While underage persons may be among the participants, no one under the legal drinking age is permitted under any circumstances to consume any alcoholic beverage.  Proper identification is required.  Bartenders and servers have the right and the responsibility to ask to see any guest’s ID.

12.   Alcohol may only be consumed on the premises and may not be taken off-premise or conveyed to others off-premise under any circumstances. 

13.   Anyone who is visibly intoxicated or who is behaving improperly will not be served and must leave the premises upon request of the staff.  It is the responsibility of the event sponsor to ensure that any participants required to leave for these reasons are safely escorted or transported to their destination.  The event sponsor shall be liable for any damages related to alcohol consumption by guests.